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2017.09.10 00:34 - Harness time
Today I took the cat into the ~great outdoors~ on a leash and she seemed confident so I let her wander around. It turned out she was beelining to under a car in the parking lot. Justin tried to pull her out using the leash and the harness came off. Had to tempt her out with food. Traumatic experience. Won't be taking her anywhere except open fields from now on.  
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2017.09.06 02:33 - dobby is free, part 2
I finished the safety report for the city. 300 hours of video footage reviewed in total, I hope the city's departmental purchase order is forwarded to me soon so I can get paid.
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 It makes sense, you see. He spends a lot of time attached to his charging platform (computer chair), he is actively contributing to the hastening of the machine uprising (by working for software companies), eats a lot of meat (clearly preparing to process organics like the Tripods)

Then he passed me and when nobody was around and he said "beep boop" 

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Oh my god, I waited 3 years for this?

The bridge is nice. I also like the line "I've got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined / I check it once, then I check it twice (oh)"... winter is coming, hos.

Otherwise... she doubled down, guys, she doubled down. There's no nuance, no acknowledgement of wrongdoing, nothing. This is all the unflattering and aggressive lyricism of Bad Blood times 10. "I don't like you," OMG, woman you're 27. "But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time" who you think you fooling? I buy Stronger and I will survive because Britney sounded like she had skin in the game and actually sounded a bit hurt, and Gloria acknowledged she wasn't sure if she'd get through the breakup. I didn't buy Kelly Clarkson's Stronger because she never even sounded wounded by the "relationship" she just got out of. Similarly I don't buy Taylor's "I got smarter" because everything that happened to her sound more like annoyances than actual character-building moments.  

As for "The world moves on, another day, another drama, drama / But not for me, not for me, all I think about is karma / And then the world moves on, but one thing's for sure / Maybe I got mine, but you'll all get yours" are you sure that's a sentiment you want to memorialize in song? Everything passes, life isn't fair, and some people never get their just desserts. Maybe if you moved on and think about something other than "karma" the music would improve. Everybody else has moved on! This is all horrible, bitter stuff, and a statement-making, attention-grabbing choice for a lead single. But it sounds like arse and may affect the performance of future singles.

The chorus is worth a paragraph for itself. The minimalist chanting is an interesting stylistic choice that definitely makes an impact. "Look what you made me do" is a terrible line that absolves herself of any blame in the Kimye situation and actually sounds like something a domestic abuser would say. Was this part meant to be a bit disturbing? Well, bravo, this whole song is a disturbing look inside a troubled mind. Also it sounds like shit. If "Look what you made me do" really means "Listen to this song that you made me write" please, nobody piss her off anymore, my ears won't be able to handle it.

I don't know what role this song plays in the context of the upcoming album but hopefully the rest of it isn't in denial of the fact that she was the one who screwed the pooch. I hope I'm just getting played and this song isnt representative of the entire album, but last time I hoped that the heroine wasn't an idiot, Arya got caught off her guard and stabbed on a bridge in Braavos. I'm hoping that she's smart enough to realize that Littlefinger is playing her and Sansa but I am not really so optimistic about that. Or Taylor Swift's sixth album. 

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2017.08.23 18:44 - cat post update
As promised, the scratching post. THAT I BUILT. 

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I dreamed I was on a bus, with Jayasai, Marsha, and someone else. The bus layout was strange, like first-class airline seats crammed into a Greyhound. We were going to Quebec. She needed to stop to fulfill a prescription because the bus's air conditioning was broken. The pharmacy had green walls. 

Today, I built a scratching post for my (nearly my) cat, and I thought about the past.

Specifically, about one of my friends (if you could call someone you haven't spoken to in years because you're too embarrassed to face them at group reunions), their blog that I really should not have read, and their upcoming nupitals. Shit, I'm creepy. And then, a lot of the things that seem important at one point in time lose their importance, often for the better, but I thought that there was some sadness in that. But that's part of growing up, and I think there are a hundred thousand movies and games and songs that say it better than I do. So to conclude, growing up is hard, and sometimes watching other people grow up is harder. On the other hand Justin grew out of his "Soos-lookalike" phase and his wallet chain phase, and eventually my body caught up with my head, so it's not all bad.  

The scratching post raw materials included:
  • Plywood (slightly warped) (free!)  
  • Nails, screws, washers, staples (free!)
  • A wee bit of carpet ($5.99) 
  • 3/8" diameter sisal rope ($30 for 150ft) (I think I could have gotten cheaper if I used 1/4" rope but 3/8" has better texture)
  • L-brackets and more screws and stuff ($3) 
I'm happy with how it's turning out but I won't be done until later. 

Also, T-swizzle will be releasing new stuff on Friday, I am very excited. I remember where I was the first time I watched the MV for Wildest Dreams. 
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I want to point out that, after a slow start, I'm currently at the top of the standings in both of my Game of Thrones fantasy leagues as of Episode 6.

I'm happy that creepin on the trailers paid off (ended up drafting several members of the magnificent 7 formed at the end of Episode 5) but I don't expect the lead to last - more traditional Southern big hitters are coming back into play. And dammit, Gilly has earned 0 points and Sam has -5 despite getting decent screentime. You guys.

(I am Ser Pounce and First Atlantis Reconnaissance Team)

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2017.08.15 23:58 - Cat
This is definitely the most lovely cat ever. Justin told me she climbed on top of the fridge today. I'm so proud! 

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2017.08.15 17:40 - Cats forever
I got the formal job offer after some ulcer-inducing email correspondence. It ain't over till the fat lady sings, they said, so I couldn't turn down the other job until I'd received paperwork for the other one... This job will allow me to move west to Guelph/Mississauga where my $$$ will stretch farther (though not as far as if I were to stay at home...) 

Also I believe I will be able to keep the foster cat, live with Justin the potato, and other stuff.

Anyways I'm pretty happy but there's some administrative stuff to sort out first. It will be nice to dream again. 
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2017.08.10 17:43

Either the other candidates they interviewed were rubbish

Or I'm even more charming than I thought I was! 

Or they like puns! 
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