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There's something special about the first POTC movie. I'm partial to the third one (is it the soundtrack? the finality? the wedding scene???) but this guy made a whole video about it. Worth a watch.

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2011.11.07 00:26 - I love New Zealand (NSFW but please watch it, it's highly educational and sponsored by the government of New Zealand)

Oh, New Zealand. You guys have the most adorable accent.

I once shouted "I'm gay" to a platoon of zombies in a dream before hastily correcting myself when I realized that I wasn't. The zombies didn't care either way. Then I woke up.

(Actually part of the previous dream but made the whole thing seem even more nonsequiteur. Were they zombies or feral children? Zombie-feral-children?)

What game is Ip playing at? I don't know if he's being ironic, sarcastic or genuinely lame. There's the slim possibility that my own sense of humour is broken, but I have seen engineers make more subtle penis jokes. DURING FROSH WEEK

The last person to be more irritating from a distance was Cole "Save the Program" Jr. 

It's probably impossible to "improve" a reputation online anyways. It's definitely possible to gain one, as Tila Tequila et al may concur. But to better one? Rarely. The Internet shows how petty we can be. Look right now. I highly doubt that this LJ has improved anyone's opinion of me. There are exceptions, of course - untold stories and perspectives from the other side, particularly good writers, and anyone who showcases work online. But all in all, nah.

Back to Ip. It's important to consider all possibilities here. Judging from his visible recent activity I'm led to believe he harbours a crush on someone, for I remember also being particularly douchey back in the day. BACK IN THE DAY being the important bit there, and a bastion of goodness and maturity I am not.

Further along with the idea of maturity, I used to think it was cool to link to reddit posts. Now I realize it's only acceptable if the post is currently several pages away from the front page because anyone who might find a front page post awesome would already have read it on the front page. 

Ha. Along the lines of unacceptable probably using real names in unlocked posts. But I can't be bothered to dignify Ip with a recognizable numerical tag or old handle. And besides this post succeeds in making me look douchey, rather than Ip, who may just emerge as the victim.
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