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2017.06.12 13:09 - Walstad & sunshine
Thought I'd get some of my thoughts down on planted tanks.  

Since last time I've changed my mind (big surprise) and decided to go for a 20g planted tank with a pair or trio of honey gouramis and as many harlequin rasboras as the tank can support. I can try my best to get a peaceful betta but it's still a gamble that it won't turn out to be a murder fish and go Liam Neeson on a school of whatever microrasbora I've decided to stock the tank with. And even if it starts peaceful... there's always a chance that something will snap in its fishy brain and it will decide that it not only wants to be the hawttest fish in the tank, it wants to be the ONLY fish in the tank. No thanks. Honey gouramis and harlequins are both said to be gentle fish. Also I like the "feelers" on the gourami, and the harlequins are classic fish often recommended without reservation for the beginner hobbyist. 

Also, paradoxically (or not?) larger tanks are easier to maintain than smaller tanks, which are more prone to chemical fluctuations and accidents

I also plan on using the Walstad soil + sand cap method and buying my tank bits separately rather than in a kit. Tank hood LEDs aren't generally strong enough to grow plants... but sunlight is! In seventh grade I maintained a perfectly OK tank for a science class with hornwort, water hyacinth, and one feeder goldfish. Admittedly the goldfish never got a water change (I was doing it wrong :( ) but he survived until he was moved to a low-light location, at which point the plants died and the fish was soon to follow. This is relevant because sunlight is said to cause algae growth but I never experienced it in my tank. As long as I can get some fast-growing floating plants established I will be able to outcompete algae. 

In other news. 

The profs have delivered "glowing" praise of my thesis draft, so full steam ahead until it's all done, I guess. I must be nearly almost done now. 

The new map shows sad faces for my DNFS so that is nice. 

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2017.03.20 14:07 - R
The PNN package for R is a bad package that only works sometimes even if NOTHING HAS CHANGED between runs (potential troubleshooting nightmare) and I am sad

I think I'll use decision trees and KNN instead 

I don't understand support vector machines though which also makes me sad

Life is hard and full of pain


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- Making the training set for my thesis work :(
- Finishing the minor revisions on That One Paper (... There is only one paper)
- Finishing Adam's X-Wing (why won't he try it himself?) 
- Visiting Justin and eating Justin's food
- Betaing a Solas/Trevelyan kinkmene fill (It's going to be, like, 10000 words long and it's really good so far!) 
- Climbing into probably some SEWER TUNNELS to get a D5/T5 geocache! 
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2017.01.25 19:35 - The second reviewer
My paper is mostly accepted after some major revisions (but this time with minor revisions, due in mid-february) and one of the comments included:
The authors did a truly magnificent job in taking so many referee comments into account, and I am completely satisfied that the revised paper is now ready for publication in [journal], indeed as soon as possible. All of the reservations I had on my first review have been extremely well handled by the revisions in this new version. Thus, I strongly recommend publication, as this will be a very useful and interesting review of the [XYZ] literature. And this is a topic that is becoming more and more important [for XYZ reasons]. Many thanks to the authors for having done a truly superb job in making the revisions, and providing such detailed, easy to read responses to all the referee comments. Full speed ahead, as far as I'm concerned. A very good and important review that is sure to be cited often by others.
And then all my coauthors said that they had never seen such a glowing second reviewer comment before. So I was very happy, although I still need to do a bit more to address another issue.
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2017.01.24 00:49 - School
Last Tuesday I made it to a local newspaper. So that's my 15 minutes of fame there.

Then during the weekend I lay in bed a lot and enjoyed the shit out of the Obsidian Mountain trilogy. I think it's her best series. The characters seem to spend half their time drinking tea and I still wish it was a septology instead. Because, really, one year isn't a lot time of work oneself up an Elven military hierarchy and rally the combined armies of the Light, Knight-mage or not. I'm also a little surprised that there is no map of the world in the book.

Today, I realized that, somehow, my MASC payments had been screwed up - in that I was not getting the RAship payments I should be getting. So I'm dealing with that. And travel vaccinations. Those are expensive. 

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2017.01.15 16:19 - Books!
Sooo for my birthday I woke up at 9AM and went downtown to do a photoshoot for the news article of sadness. Afterwards I told my prof that my chances of doing a phd were about the same as dropping everything and becoming a carpenter and that the odds were not looking good either way. I also said that if I really wanted to do a phd I would not do it on the topic I was working on last winter. I think he took it fine, I guess?

There was a used book shop nearby so I went and bought some books too.

I don't think it's bad necessarily but i am an unadventurous reader and my taste hasn't really changed since high school. I found I liked certain authors and series and genres and haven't been bothered to diversify since, partially because books are expensive new and I don't hang around the library like I used to.
But the ones I did buy, I've always loved. I couldn't find Medalon to complete the Demon Child trilogy. It would be about 8CAD to get a used matching edition online for completions sake (because I do like books 2 and 3 better).
Other books I'm on the lookout for whenever I step into a used bookshop or thrift shop:
  • Medalon
  • Warrior and Warlord (already own Warrior)
  • Arrows of the Queen, Arrow's Flight, Arrow's Fall
Also, I just learned that Jennifer Fallon is working on a sequel trilogy... I was very pleased to hear this and hope to get on that soon.

summary of some other things i did in the last couple weeks )
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The night before my ITS exam Charles messaged me out of the blue asking questions and looking for closure.

What the fuck? It's been nearly 2 years!

What really rubs me the wrong way was that he was looking for closure about a comment I made where I wrote our relationship was ultimately a waste of time. Also out of guilt about the way he handled the breakup. Even though that was deep in the past. Did he want me to turn on the magic answer fountain and coddle him and say that it was all OK? That it wasn't his fault? To absolve him of his guilt because clearly I can't condone what he's done?

So I thought it was all a very selfish reason to suddenly have a conversation. It would have been different if we'd had it a year ago, because then even if it was selfish to ask it would be more selfish not to answer.

On top of that he still occasionally reads my LJ. I hope he got whatever he was looking for so that's the end of that.

The exam went OK anyways. All the things that Roy and I hoped wouldn't be on the exam were on the exam (deriving DE/Dwij for a sigmoid function in a NN! car-following models! The bridge question that the prof hinted would be on the midterm but wasn't on the midterm!) but I think I made a convincing case and effort for passing the course.

The department holiday party was pretty great too. I yelled about stuff for three hours over aggressively Polish beer and mediocre catering. Now I have a sore throat.
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2016.12.01 07:25 - Embracing Satan
Today, I told Adam to embrace Satan into his heart so that he'd burn at the threshold of the church and wouldn't have to suffer through the Christmas service with his girlfriend. He is an atheist, I'm gently agnostic, and his GF is quite Catholic.

Later, I asked him to explain cross-nested choice models to me and he said he'd do it, "but what's in it for me?" I said I wouldn't mention Satan again. And he said, "I'll take it."

ALSO I did catch a Bioware employee in a Platinum PUG in Mass Effect 3 (Hydra/Cerberus) last night. I outscored him (and everyone else) by 30%. I would have been happier if the host hadn't taken advantage of the Hydra map glitch and spent the entire match camping behind a decorative box.
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- As per Tian's advice (and my original idea...) I think I'm going to do a ordered logit model instead of an SEM. Mostly because Stata 13 has a GSEM function, but Stata 12 doesn't, and it's really kind of a waste of effort when I only have one latent variable.
- The weather makes me sad. I kinda want to get coffee with James because social interaction is good but it's cold out and I feel I barely have the energy.
- On the other hand D&D night is on Saturday :)
- Scarborexit:
The Free Scarborough campaign is out door-knocking for signatures to redraw a municipal boundary along Victoria Park Avenue in 2018.
Leader Robert McDermott isn’t trying to de-amalgamate the whole Megacity Ontario’s Mike Harris government created. He just wants to give Scarborough back its tax money, autonomy, and city hall.
“We’d manage our own affairs,” he told a woman living near Craiglee Nursing Home in Cliffside, a South Scarborough neighbourhood where McDermott signed up several residents near Kingston Road.
He said he may need 400,000, recorded by volunteers in each Scarborough ward, before the province would hold a referendum.
When one man said he didn’t know enough about the issue, McDermott said Scarborough money was being spent downtown, “squandered and wasted.”
He didn’t sign, but Kieron Byrne did. “It would be a change, and change is always good, right?” Byrne said.


Toronto-Danforth Councillor Paula Fletcher, who represents an old Toronto ward, moved a motion at city council a few years ago “to explore what de-amalgamation would look like.” She got 16 votes.
She’s surprised Scarborough would want out; its new subway extension, paid with taxes from across the city, is a good deal, she said, but added she understands why anti-amalgamation feeling is still alive.
Toronto’s “legacy” cities, including old Toronto, need more recognition and autonomy, Fletcher said, since people think we don’t understand each other, have different goals, and don’t get enough respect.
Erm. But in my field I am sick of people talking about Toronto as if east of Vic Park doesn't exist. Sometimes I think Jane Jacobs has never been north of Eglinton. I was pissed when one of the residents of the beaches opposed redrawing ward boundaries to reduce the number of councillors in City Hall because then they'd be part of the same ward as Scarborough, which would lower property values. I'm also angry when people call it the hood, or Scarberia, and they've never even lived there. It's always irritating when Blog TO only lists downtown and midtown destinations. Or any blog that lists Scarborough as a single neighbourhood while Parkdale and the Annex are listed separately. One of the professors hypothesized casually that the west end bias exists in many ciies and has something to do with the direction the sun sets. I don't have enough information to feel strongly about this one way or another, but in light of recent events, I do sure wonder how much traction Scarborexit is going to get.
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