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2017.05.25 20:46 - Dog on the tracks
Today there was a dog on the tracks at Kipling. It delayed the train for about 15 minutes while they crawled under the train and coaxed it out with biscuits.

Also, I think the dog got a guy fired by making him late for work. Literally fired by cell phone. 

The dog was small and curly with black hair, anyways. 

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2015.12.05 03:42 - challenge
Tonight I generated all the data tables needed for the report and slapped them in. Still waiting on some hand calcs but nobody really cares, man.

Tomorrow I'm aiming to complete the Cache Centroid Challenge and eat Malaysian food. Should be fun.


Some of Prof. Shalaby's former student's work on transit network resiliency.

As we can see, north Scarborough is amongst the most fucked if the subway goes down.

The most important/vulnerable stations. There is a track crossover at Lawrence.
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