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There's something special about the first POTC movie. I'm partial to the third one (is it the soundtrack? the finality? the wedding scene???) but this guy made a whole video about it. Worth a watch.

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2016.08.02 11:33 - Star Trek Beyond
I watched Star Trek Beyond yesterday.

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From the depths of Google Drive:

Daniel W__ is the Popiscle stick technician. He is to lead the cutting and gluing of Popsicle sticks according to the agreed design by the Prototype design lead, Ryan T__.
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2016.04.05 00:03 - Zootopia
- I watched Zootopia with Ying after the presentation today. At the Magic Lantern, because I have a meeting tomorrow, and the Magic Lantern is always cheap. Loved it! Despite good reviews I was expecting some kind of cute animal Madagascar ripoff but this was, wow, one of those things you can only do with animation. The movie's willingness to give flaws to society and its protagonists beyond "hopelessly naive" or "clumsy" or "no points in diplomacy" was really effective because, as Avenue Q says, everybody's a little bit racist and probably feeling quite guilty about it. This movie is about deconstructing Zootopia as much as it is about deconstructing Judy and her internal prejudices.

- And yes, I cried, when Judy was crying under the bridge.
- I can't find any fanfiction I like for it yet. And I think I kinda ship Judy/Nick but there's a lot of furry porn out there so... this is difficult.

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- I got my mom macaroons for her birthday because she likes coconut. Godiava's strawberries are about $8 each. They're big, yeah, but they're dipped in chocolate, not gold! I think next time I'll get overpriced macarons instead.
- I'm sad that Kenneth and Lindsay broke up after, like, four years.
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I bwatched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind last week and I didn't cry. It was the fourth time I've ever watched it, and I'd been a useless puddle every time. Until now. The first time I was still with Charles, in a relatively happy place, the second time was the day immediately after the first time, the third time I was trying to fall asleep a few weeks after the breakup.

I'm a little disappointed that I won't have a stimulus with which to produce and harvest tears for the black market anymore, but I guess I'm also glad I didn't have to de-puff my eyes afterwards.


In the next half hour: practice the presentation
At school this week: make rough lit review nice
At home this week: write book review. 
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2015.08.01 20:14 - mission impossible
I'm on a Mission: Impossible kick right now and I can't deal with how Julia's character gets put on a bus in Ghost Protocol.
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2015.07.09 03:07 - The Queen's Thief - movie?
I haven't actually heard that Meghan Whalen Turner is getting a movie deal but I think that, if carefully staged, The Thief and The Queen of Attolia would make pretty awesome adaptations.

They'd have to be careful to preserve the twist, and god forbid they pull something like The Illusionist, with the flashbacks showing how the con was played...

As for actual staging of the reveal, I'm seeing a bit like this, actually. In the posture, in the voice... if Gen went from the fantasy analogue to an Oliver Twist urchin, to standard posh-fantasy-Received-Pronounciation.

This is all very scattered but it makes sense if you read the books, which were great books!
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2012.03.17 23:37 - The Sergeant Voice
Watching Hot Fuzz for the nth time, I realized that Simon Pegg as Nicholas Angel has an extremely sexy voice. I realized that during the moment when he snarls, "That's more like it" to Danny while taking back the villageSnarly, yes, but not gravelly. If Christian Bale as Batman has a voice comparable to spilling a tray of gravel on an exquisite Swedish rug, then The Sergeant Voice is like sanding hardwood furniture with rough grit before staining.

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