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2017.06.18 01:34 - lbrscabe
 Lately I've been douching around in the geocaching community. I reported one cache for being on a playground (it legit is against section 4.8, and sometimes people take badly to adults wandering around playgrounds with handheld devices) and passive-aggressively accused a CO of not waiting for their GPS to settle before publishing a cache (the posted coords were 77m off... that's a HUGE error). Also I'm so tired of micros in bushes but I'm going to clear a dozen off my map tomorrow. Only got 4 squares left in my DT matrix (down from 12 at the beginning of the year) and my month-hidden matrix is filling in... slowly (how am I still not done 2009???). I don't think I'll ever make a pilgrimage to find Mingo (May 2001) but my DC pilgrimage helped. 

Today I played scrabble with Justin and his mom, I won the first round and Justin won the second. 
Fun words "allowed" in the second game: 
  • JAAL
  • QUAD
Should have house rules to award additional points for awesome words. 

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On Saturday I went geocaching on the bluffs. I climbed maybe 20 or 30m down for one of them and I thought that it wouldn't be too hard to get to the bottom. Boy was I wrong. There was a trail there, but it was slippery and smooth, down to a point where it became spongy and loose. Gross. Would not attempt again.

A few hours after that I was at the STC eating ice cream, and stopped in the Indigo pop-up. There was a security guard chewing up over the phone. "DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILD IS?"

And in the corner was an unfortunately-dressed asian girl, probably 12 or 13, reading. I was like that once. A bookstore employee sat next to her. 

The mum showed up. 

"Oh I was only gone for half an hour or so!" 


Then she goes to the kid and tells her, in cantonese, "What did you tell them? Tell them you're fine! Did you tell them how long you were here?" 

And the kid says "I don't know! I didn't say anything!" 

Then the fuzz showed up and despite being all "NOBODY'S GONNA GET IN TROUBLE" I think someone probably got beat when they got home that day. 

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2017.01.06 00:11 - New Year's Resolutions: 2017
Last year I pledged to:

Hold off on playing Mass Effect 2 and 3 again until 2017 so I can enjoy the trilogy again like a virgin
-> Yes. Except for multiplayer, which doesn't count.

Ditto on Dragon Age 2, in which I will finally develop an effective non-elemental, non-healing mage build
-> Yes, I think.

Try at least ten more types of cheese families
-> Emmantaler, manchego, iberico, BAKED brie, and three mysterious types of cranberry cheese. I really didn't achieve this one. 

Hit 500 geocaches by the end of 2016

-> I'm nearly at 700!

Pet at least one cute cat and one cute dog, preferably at the same time
-> Yes and yes but not at the same time :(

I also want to visit ten new townships in rural Ontario.
-> Last year I geocached in: Ballantrae, Fergus, Oro-Mendonte, Dwight, Burk's Falls, Port Severn, Emsdale, Williamsport, Port Sydney, Bracebridge, Tottenham, and Stephen's Bay.

This year I want to:

- Graduate!
- Finish my fizzy grid (not too hard, if certain canoe rentals are available...)

- Complete 20 more hidden months

- Cook a cassoulet
- Watch The Godfather, Part 3
- Ride a tandem bicycle on centre island

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2016.12.12 00:17 - crooked creek
I said that I was going to come back to the Crooked Creek cache (GCB332) when everything was dead (particularly the bugs) and so I did.

I parked in what could be generously described as a parking lot (opposite to where some EMS workers were dealing with a car that had skidded down the hill into the trees because of the snow) and I scouted the river, to figure out if it was safe to cross. NOPE. Last summer it was alright but unpleasant because socks on wet feet feels gross.

So I tried approach #2. MUCH EASIER. WHY DIDN'T I TRY THIS THE FIRST TIME? It's a bit hilly and a bit slippery in the winter but nothing that can't be handled with a pair of trusty hikers. I admired the view of the frozen wasteland from the top (SO BEAUTIFUL. MUCH AWE) and forged onwards.

Then with a flutter of wings it became apparent to me that an OWL was watching me. A MOTHERFUCKIN BARRED OWL (strix varia) perched on a tree branch about 20m from GZ. I admired its poofy, goofy-looking brown majesty for several minutes before I could wrench my gaze away and continue on my journey. DO YOU KNOW THAT OWLS ARE EVOLVED TO HAVE FEATHERS THAT ALLOW THEM TO FLY ABSOLUTELY SILENTLY???? NOW YOU DO!

The cache was in pretty good condition but I couldn't figure out why there was a baggy around it. Then I looked up and THE OWL WAS STILL THERE, WATCHING ME, BUT FROM A DIFFERENT LOCATION. It bobbed its head as if to mock me with its feathery sublimity. I bobbed my head in response and it FOLLOWED ME to one more branch.

At that point I realized the owl was trying to get me to stay in the forest for long enough for the sun to go down, and I would trip over myself trying to leave, so it could SHANK ME WITH ITS BEAUTIFUL TALONS. Good thing I realized in time.

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In pursuit of geocaches, of course. None of the trees are suuuuper high but I was so proud of myself after climbing all of them! There's still one in Toronto I've had on my list for a while but I think I need a ladder to get to the first branch of that one.

1. A jack pine in Dundas, ON. Not sure how high it is but it was pretty high! (T4.5)

The cache was a micro, 3/4 of the way up

pictures. nothing but pictures. )

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2016.10.23 18:01 - "Jaffa, tree!": The FTF
Someone found the cache!!!!

I'm so proud :) This person finished the puzzle 95% by themselves and even persevered after we found errors in the puzzle! And climbed the tree! It is a damn fun tree to climb but when it rains and the tree sways in the wind and it's dark that's a special flavour of terror.

Then, I bought a pair of sneakers and some flats. They were on sale and I think I've finally met a pair of flats I like. It was a beautiful day out today, not too windy, nice colours in the trees, undergrowth suppressed.

Today, Prof Eric forwarded me a job inquiry dude from a transportation firm. Nobody's ever actually told me they want to talk to me about job opportunities. Not sure if I really wanna work for them because...  but I don't want to say no. It would be a good experience, they do good stuff, they have a Waterloo office, and I haven't worked for them yet. But I don't actually do what this guy specializes in: my skills are mostly in general multimodal design and Autocad.


Jenny grew up wild, like a blackfoot daisy
Out in the shack with a blue tick hound
Broke as hell, but blessed with beauty
The kind that a rich man can't turn down
She caught the eye of an oil man dancing
One summer night in a dime store dress
She had the looks, he had the mansion
And you can figure out the rest

Aside from the obvious similarities to

He was a boy
She was a girl
Can I make it any more obvious
He was a punk
She did ballet
What more can I say

There is something strangely compelling about the first lines of Church Bells. Maybe because it hits all the right tropes, or the amount of detail that is provided in just a few words.
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2016.10.05 00:51 - Numbers today
# coordinate guesses on my new puzzle cache: 4
# finds on my new puzzle cache: 0
# comments received on the paper I submitted in July: 3
# comments calling for revisions: 2
# minutes waiting for doctor appointmen to diagnose the perpetually clicking shoulder: 25 (It doesn't hurt, but it feels stiff lately, I got a physiotherapy prescription just in case)
# butcher shops roughly between the greyhound station and campus: 2

I gotta buy some meat on Friday but I'm not 100% sure how I want to transport it. I will probably wrap it in a pair of pants with frozen water bottles.
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2016.10.04 00:55 - Acceptance
Last night I dreamed that  I saw Amy, Philip, and Ross on a bridge in the fog. Then, VB took everybody to China to do science with spiders. Also, Shivani built a computer, either in a Fractal Design Node 304 or a Corsair 350D, an i5-6500, and some aftermarket flavour of GTX 1070.

Today, I found out that my geocache got published and my paper got accepted for presentation at next year's conference. Because it's for presentation I don't have to revise the paper in response to reviewer comments. I'm more excited about the geocache.

Oh, I also nailed down a time and place to meet up with Monica, so that's good too. 
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2016.10.03 00:22 - Portal 2
On Friday night I climbed a tree to place the cache. As I fumbled in the dark for my Cache Attachment Device (string) and the Cache Attachment Device Length Adjuster (knife) the wind started blowing and the tree started swaying. Well I wasn't even that far up (maybe 4-5m) but I had a difficult time tying off the CAD. My legs didn't stop shaking until I was home.

And then on Saturday, I bought Portal 2. It's fun but I'm kind of incompetent. I'm pretty sure it feels a bit like an escort mission to Justin. I'm also thinking about Divinity: Original Sin, but I'm a little bit wary of the turn-based combat.

Today, I thought of some midterm questions. I worked a cat and a cat bridge into one of them. Sami likes the cat question but he needs to review the other ones too. My mission is complete.

And still, my cache still hasn't been approved by volunteer reviewers. I'm pretty proud of this one. 
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2016.09.30 01:14 - What do, part 87
Small updates.
- The WItcher 3 Hearts of Stone was amazing. I'll write about it more later after Blood and Wine... but, wow.
- There's a PHD student who keeps asking me questions about the assignment 1 of the stats course I TA and because he knows where my desk is it's hard to get rid of him. I don't know WTF is his problem, he and this other dude keep asking the simplest questions even though I've clarified on the course website.
- Manisha messaged me again, and it's no easier now to think of what to say, IDK, this is way above my pay grade
- Nearly finished the cache puzzle I've been preparing...I love geopotato, but it's hard for him to find non-spoilery screenshots. So I composed the puzzle using only the season I've watched. Hopefully I can place the cache this weekend, though it's been unpleasantly... moist... of late.
- Three words: Structural equation modeling.
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