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2017.07.04 17:12 - $minority_group
On Sunday we ate pizza, did scrabble, and played Cards against Humanity. Shivani and her "babe" kept touching each other. Not "bae", "babe". She kissed him when he played particularly adroit words. I'm happy for them but Scrabble is SERIOUS BUSINESS! 

Also, I turned out taller, so I win. 

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2015.02.19 01:26 - Wednesday
Commonly heard when comparing problem sets:

  • "That's not what I got."

  • "I think you rounded more."

  • "We have the same number... but yours is negative. Why is yours negative?"

  • "We're using different sign conventions."

  • "Your calculator is in radians."

  • "Shit, I forgot the self load."

  • "Fuck it, I don't have time to fix this. YOLO."


Okay, maybe I shouldn't wear my iron ring out so often. I met a civil engineer who employs UW co-ops at the pool (storm/sanitary sewers) and it was kinda weird. And then a guy from a MAJOR firm, who wasn't technically an engineer, but does environmental assessments. It was disconcerting to speak to potential professional contacts so inadequately dressed.

Bridge tourney tomorrow! It's the <500MP game (read: for noobs) but it's stratified so if I don't suck too badly I'll be able to start racking up masterpoints. 
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