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2017.05.08 13:30 - I went to a wedding
Justin's brother got married on Saturday.

I cried during the ceremony.

And I danced during the reception.

I thought it was important to mention that part because the boozahol had worn off that point but it was the first time I'd danced like that in 7 years. 

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2017.04.24 00:31 - the vending machine
Last week all the snacks were replaced with Munchies snack mix and the bottom flap told me to smoke weed everyday.

Also, Bioshock Infinite was not the game I needed to play last week. Its themes of american exceptionalism and nationalism are, how say, a lot more relevant now than they were in 2013. And I already knew the ending but this time I found it impossibly hopeless and demoralizing because sometimes things never change.

There are a million million worlds. All different and all similar. Constants and variables. There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man, there's always a city... I can see them through the doors., Columbia, Songbird... But sometimes, something's different...yet the same.
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2017.04.03 01:33 - More reasons to be sad
 - The neighbour cut down their tree in the front yard. There was nothing wrong with it. They just didn't want the roots creating lumps in the driveway.
- Gotta socialize at an industry mixer today. I don't really want to...
- Need to write several pages about machine learning techniques. I'm not qualified to do that. Profs should have hired a fourth-rate CS grad student instead. 
- Reyes Vidal. 
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2017.03.20 14:07 - R
The PNN package for R is a bad package that only works sometimes even if NOTHING HAS CHANGED between runs (potential troubleshooting nightmare) and I am sad

I think I'll use decision trees and KNN instead 

I don't understand support vector machines though which also makes me sad

Life is hard and full of pain


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2017.03.11 23:30 - Last month
- I went to Cuba and burned the skin on my face off. It was great! Maybe pictures up eventually.
- I installed ~55 Skyrim mods (including Requiem) and have been playing since.
- Today, we met one of Justin's college friends for dinner. It turned out to be a pyramid scheme. I am sad, because she did seem like a lovely person until she started talking about finance and self-employment and I realized that when she asked, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" she wasn't looking for an answer like "on the couch eating dinner, with a cat."
- I think "Call Your Girlfriend" is officially my least favourite song. I hate the condescending tone, the attempt to rationalize that everything is OK, and the lie that she cares. Girl, you know what was gonna happen when you did it... and you did it anyways. You don't really give a shit about her feelings. You care about damage control. Is this song supposed to invoke disgust? But what makes it my least favourite song is that I like the beat and the production. What a fucking waste. Robyn is great. Who green-lit this? 
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- Got into an argument about fanfiction. Key points:
-- All fanfiction is inherently masturbatory! (A lot stuff is at least a bit self-indulgent or author appeal...)
-- Canon is canon and it's kind of blasphemous to suggest otherwise. E.g. it's a core part of Hermione's personality that she is a heterosexual female. it's a core part of Harry's character that he ends up with Ginny and not, say, Draco. (Alright, but is it so wrong to want to explore the what-ifs?)
-- Anything that deviates significantly from canon (e.g. Zombie AU) should be published as original fiction anyways. (But part of the fun is in seeing what changed... Also, does that make the Riverdale TV show and Afterlife with Archie fit in? As sort of a spin-off? Is it not fanfiction because the authors are getting paid to explore alternate continuities?) 
-- Clearly this is a very personal topic for me so I ended up crying and I guess I won't be showing my face around those parties anymore :(
- Got sick. Got better.
- Didn't fill out my script for traveler's shits. 
- My IUD renewal is coming up this year. I'm sure it's also the cause of my recurrent, annoying, and mostly-under-control BV. But my IUD has also lightened up my cramps significantly (I don't need the advil anymore) and doubled my cycle length. Also, I'm afraid birth control pills or the implant will make me fat and sad. Yesterday, Sami told a story about how his parents sent him 8 white dress shirts to show their love from Bangladesh and it was so cute I cried. Today, a fellow TA said that her mom was a math teacher and used to cry when she got bad marks in math and it was cute and I cried. 
-- Potato volunteered to help pay for it if I didn't have any insurance when I made the appointment (sweet of him) but I will be covered by the university's plan until September.
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- Making the training set for my thesis work :(
- Finishing the minor revisions on That One Paper (... There is only one paper)
- Finishing Adam's X-Wing (why won't he try it himself?) 
- Visiting Justin and eating Justin's food
- Betaing a Solas/Trevelyan kinkmene fill (It's going to be, like, 10000 words long and it's really good so far!) 
- Climbing into probably some SEWER TUNNELS to get a D5/T5 geocache! 
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2017.01.25 19:35 - The second reviewer
My paper is mostly accepted after some major revisions (but this time with minor revisions, due in mid-february) and one of the comments included:
The authors did a truly magnificent job in taking so many referee comments into account, and I am completely satisfied that the revised paper is now ready for publication in [journal], indeed as soon as possible. All of the reservations I had on my first review have been extremely well handled by the revisions in this new version. Thus, I strongly recommend publication, as this will be a very useful and interesting review of the [XYZ] literature. And this is a topic that is becoming more and more important [for XYZ reasons]. Many thanks to the authors for having done a truly superb job in making the revisions, and providing such detailed, easy to read responses to all the referee comments. Full speed ahead, as far as I'm concerned. A very good and important review that is sure to be cited often by others.
And then all my coauthors said that they had never seen such a glowing second reviewer comment before. So I was very happy, although I still need to do a bit more to address another issue.
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2017.01.24 00:49 - School
Last Tuesday I made it to a local newspaper. So that's my 15 minutes of fame there.

Then during the weekend I lay in bed a lot and enjoyed the shit out of the Obsidian Mountain trilogy. I think it's her best series. The characters seem to spend half their time drinking tea and I still wish it was a septology instead. Because, really, one year isn't a lot time of work oneself up an Elven military hierarchy and rally the combined armies of the Light, Knight-mage or not. I'm also a little surprised that there is no map of the world in the book.

Today, I realized that, somehow, my MASC payments had been screwed up - in that I was not getting the RAship payments I should be getting. So I'm dealing with that. And travel vaccinations. Those are expensive. 

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2017.01.15 16:19 - Books!
Sooo for my birthday I woke up at 9AM and went downtown to do a photoshoot for the news article of sadness. Afterwards I told my prof that my chances of doing a phd were about the same as dropping everything and becoming a carpenter and that the odds were not looking good either way. I also said that if I really wanted to do a phd I would not do it on the topic I was working on last winter. I think he took it fine, I guess?

There was a used book shop nearby so I went and bought some books too.

I don't think it's bad necessarily but i am an unadventurous reader and my taste hasn't really changed since high school. I found I liked certain authors and series and genres and haven't been bothered to diversify since, partially because books are expensive new and I don't hang around the library like I used to.
But the ones I did buy, I've always loved. I couldn't find Medalon to complete the Demon Child trilogy. It would be about 8CAD to get a used matching edition online for completions sake (because I do like books 2 and 3 better).
Other books I'm on the lookout for whenever I step into a used bookshop or thrift shop:
  • Medalon
  • Warrior and Warlord (already own Warrior)
  • Arrows of the Queen, Arrow's Flight, Arrow's Fall
Also, I just learned that Jennifer Fallon is working on a sequel trilogy... I was very pleased to hear this and hope to get on that soon.

summary of some other things i did in the last couple weeks )
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